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Day of the Working Woman – March 8 – Tuned Awareness

This extraordinary workshop of Breathing with Trees takes place in an ideal place to become aware of the confluence between nature and civilization in our bodies. The Carretera de les Aigües offers a wide panoramic view of the metropolis from an elevated viewpoint, backed up by nature in the Park Collserola.

The main focus of this walking workshop is on developing each participant’s sensory perception through learning how to perceive the relationship between one’s own body and the environment, manifested on one hand in the aspects we consider solid, like the ground and the trees, and on the other, in its intangible aspects, like the space around us, the air we breathe, and our social relationships. Its receptive character confers female qualities to the ability of the human nervous system to perceive sensory information, translate it into complex images, recognize interrelationships, patterns and analogies and to communicate them to the parts that are qualified for an incisive investigation, for emotional and rational evaluation and for critical functions, which represent male qualities.

The same way as women have been suffering a continuous oppression and exploitation under the patriarchal regime, female aspect of consciousness, like sensory perception and intuition tend to be repressed, exploited, and denied; or in the case of intuition, they are surrounded by a halo of mysticism. In any case, they have not received much education, both in men and women. People who have grown up under the influence of patriarchal systems, i. e. the vast majority of humanity, hardly know the potential of these abilities. At best, they project the shadow of their incisive abilities onto it: discrimination between what is liked whad what is disliked, which is from where emotions arise. The results we see every day on the news: on one hand violence, exploitation, injustice, abuse of power, corruption, on the other victimism.

Modern sciences coincide with ancient wisdom traditions that consciousness is one and each one of us is a small part of the whole. On March 8, let us dedicate a couple of hours to cultivate our sensory and cognitive awareness of how we occupy space with our bodies and how we relate to our environment. Let us breathe to open up the inner spaces of our bodies, to perceive their relationship with the spaces around us and to find ways to put the living being we are into the best possible relationship with the material world we are a part of.

When a group of people focuses their minds on something, the effect of their action not only adds up, but it raises it to the correspondent power. Let’s make a contribution to human consciousness, dedicating a couple of hours to the exploration of the consciousness that is embodied in each one of us. Places in the walking workshop on the Carretera de les Aigues are limited and are assigned by strict order of first come first serve.

If you want to participate in the walking workshop from wherever you are in the world, in this link you will find the necessary information. If you consider worthwhile what you receive from this activity, give it a value according to your financial possibilities, and get in touch with us to agree upon a form of payment. The percentages of the amounts received in this way are destined to the ends listed in detail below. Do not let a lack of money keep you from participating.

If you want to come in person, please, reserve your space formalizing your reservation through payment of 20€. 10% of this amount is going to help finance the activities of the Solidarity on Mondays in Gracia of BarcelonActua and the Projecte Boscos de Muntanya. The 69% that remain after VAT will help in the maintainance of the infrastructures and activities of ermie, the Studio for Breathing, Movement and Structural Integration, among them the research of the interrelationship between myofascial tone (muscle and connective tissue) and water, and its importance for health and its role in the belief systems that keep our view of the world within the narrow framework of the initial conditions of one’s life.

It is not necessary to prepare in any way for participation in this walking workshop. You can participate in person on the Day of the Working Woman or anytime, downloading the voice files to orient your attention during your walks whenever you wish and wherever you are. If you read Spanish there are many posts, articles and books you can find on the website the link below will take you to, as well as some article in English. Here is a post I wrote in English some years ago.

In this link you can download the four voice files in English to orient your attention during your walks.

If you participate on March 8 from any other place in the world, please let us know, so we can keep you in mind.

© de la foto: Daniel Vallribera Sacacia - Panoràmica de Barcelona – reproducido bajo licencia de Creative Commons desde www.commons.wikimedia.org

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